What you need to know about Watching the Super Bowl in Tel Aviv

When thinking about studying abroad, Tel Aviv seems to be a perfect place. What’s not to like about Tel Aviv? It’s a beautiful city with incredible nightlife, and the beach day begins as soon as the class day ends. The only issue that faces sports fans studying abroad in Israel is the brutal 7 hour time difference that separates them from sporting events back home. While the time difference definitely makes things difficult, it still doesn't make it impossible to watch your favorite teams play at home. 

As Broncos fans continue celebrating and the rest of the NFL world begins commiserating because of the end of the season, those planning to study abroad in Tel Aviv in Spring 2017 can get a taste of what to expect and how to plan for next year's Super Bowl. 

8:00pm-11:00pm: Pre-game nap. This is a necessity if you are planning to be up until 5:00 AM (Israel time) for the game.

11:30pm-12:00am: Energy drink/coffee time. Again, the only way to make it through the long, long night.

12:00am-1:00am: Head over to an American ex-pat bar to watch the Super Bowl. Although Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan city with little slices of America throughout it, it’s nice to get full-on American vibes and watch the big game with fellow Americans. We recommend Mike’s Place, a great American bar with a few locations around the city.


1:00am: Kick-Off. Expect to drunkenly sing the national anthem along with the other patrons of the bar. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see the beloved American Super Bowl commercials.

3:00am: Half-Time. By this point you should be a few pitchers of beer and plates of wings down. Get ready to enjoy the half-time show. 

4:30am: End of the Third Quarter: by this point, only the true football fans remain. 

5:30am: The game comes to a close. Like the Broncos, anyone left in the bar leaves like a champ.

6:30am: The only way to finish a great night in Tel Aviv; breakfast at Benedict’s.