Italian Language Cheat Sheet

When traveling throughout Italy, it's helpful to know a little bit of Italian. Here are some Italian words and phrases to keep in mind as you make your way through the great cities of Italy.


Ciao- Hello and Good-bye (Informal)

Buongiorno- Good morning (Formal)

Buona sera- Good afternoon and good evening (Formal)

Arrivederci- Goodbye (Formal)

Michiamo- My name is..

Como sichiama- What's your name? (Formal)

Como tichiama- What's your name (informal)

Come va- How are you?


Basic Vocabulary

Grazie tante- Thank you very much

Prego- You’re welcome

Piacere- Nice to meet you

Midispiace- I’m sorry

Non capisco- I do not understand

Non parloitaliano- I don’t speak Italian

Parliinglese?- Do you speak Italian?

Dov'èilbagno- Where is the bathroom?


Ordering food and drinks

Possoavereun espresso- May I have an espresso?

Vorrei un cornetto- I'd like a croissant

Quanto costa?- How much does it cost

Portar via- To go/take out

Mangia qui- Eat here

Pro-tip: In Italy, there is no tipping. Waiters will not expect you to tip and you don't need to feel guilty about not tipping, because waiters are compensated in their individual salaries.