Stylish Accessories That Will Keep You Dry On London’s Rainiest Days

Although England gets a bad rap for its inclement weather, rain storms are no excuse for you to stay indoors and miss out on all that London has to offer. With these items and well-planned packing, you can stay dry without sacrificing style on your next trip to London.

Automatic Travel Umbrella

While bubble umbrellas seem to have taken the world by storm (pun intended), and nothing seems to be as protective in a rain storm as a golf umbrella, neither is well-suited for your travel needs in terms of size. What we recommend, is an umbrella designed specifically to be packed and travelled with. A light-weight umbrella such as the one pictured will go with any outfit and will keep you dry without being a burden in your pocketbook or suitcase.


Original Tall Rain Boots

Whatever color, height or pattern you prefer for your rainboots, Hunter has you covered. Throw a pair of Hunter socks on underneath your boots to keep warm on a chilly day.





Clear Handbag Raincoat 

If you intend to bring any of your favorite handbags to London, The Handbag Raincoat, a translucent bag cover, is an absolute necessity. For your convenience, this protective cover comes in three sizes (small, medium and large).  


Pink Rose Travel Umbrella 

Brighten up a rainy day with this colorful Kate Spade umbrella. Its light weight and small size make it a convenient accessory to bring with you on all of your travels. 


Davenport Rain Booties 

These adorable short rain boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable as you tour London. More importantly, however, these boots will go with just about any outfit you pack.  


Resolve Jacket 

This light-weight raincoat is easy to pack and is a perfect water-proof piece to bring on all of your trips. While it comes in a variety of fun and adorable colors, in black it is a simple piece that will work with your entire wardrobe. If you are traveling in the fall or winter, consider a heavier rain jacket. 


Smart S Umbrella

This lightweight, foldable umbrella will stand up to just about every high wind. While we are partial to the "shiny silver" and “sunset red” color options, there is definitely something for everyone with their wide array of available colors.