The 8 Crucial Prague Instagram spots

1. John Lennon Wall

Duh. Just make sure that you bring the person in your friend group who you are the least close with so that you have someone to take pictures, because you'll want to save these ones forever. 

2. Charles bridge

This is one of the oldest bridges in Europe and you can tell just by looking at it. Take a selfie with a statue or have your roommate snap a flick while on a boat tour.

Charles Bridge, Prague

3. Astronomical Clock

If you’ve ever seen It’s a Small World in Disneyland, then you know it was based on the show that is performed every hour at the astronomical clock. This is a good place to take a group picture or selfie.

4. Powder tower

This is one of the oldest lookout towers in Prague and is one of the most famous pieces of Gothic architecture in the city. It’s best to take a selfie here because it’s hard to get the whole structure in a picture.

5. Old New Synagogue

Take a picture on the bimah and make your bar/bat mitzvah theme the caption. Your camp friends and home friends will love this one and it is sure to bring in a lot of likes. 

6. Tyn Church

This was the inspiration for the Disneyland castle. Snap a selfie from the observation deck of the astronomical clock tower.

7. Lesser Town

While it is named "lesser," it's not actually bad. There are a lot of cool stairs leading up to the castle that are great for taking scenic pictures with your friends


8. Trdlnik

This Prague street dessert is as good as it gets. It tastes even better than it looks and will make all of your Instagram followers envious.