The Best (And Cheapest) Travel Through Europe

The beauty of studying abroad in Europe is that many countries are small, have many borders and use the same currency. As a result, traveling throughout Europe is pleasantly easy; however, not all methods of travel are created (and cost) equal. This list will provide you with several different mechanisms of travel to help you reach your globetrotting goals.


European Thomas the Tank Engine:

Trains are one of the easiest and safest ways to travel throughout Europe. You can purchase tickets to and from almost anywhere on the continent (plus the UK!) from Rail Europe. Prices vary depending on distance, class of seat, etc., but the great news is that students ages 25 and under are considered “youth,” and get discounted tickets.

Going rate for one-way journey from Rome to Florence: ~25 USD

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Train for the Centralist:

If you want to see some of the greatest historical cities in Central Europe, kill three birds with one stone and purchase the Central Europe Triangle Pass. This train ticket can take you through three great cities and offers two different itineraries: Vienna, Prague, Budapest or Vienna, Prague, Salzburg. The ticket lasts for a month, so you can extend your travel for more than just a couple of days.

Going rate for one-way journey: ~140 USD


If you prefer airplane peanuts:

Europe has tons of airlines that are sometimes cheaper than trains. Kayak and Skyscanner will both help you to find the cheapest flights available. They will allow you to compare and choose among airlines.

Going rate for a round-trip flight from London to Paris: ~260 USD via Brussels Airlines

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If you’re just going somewhere close by:

Alas! Uber exists in many European countries. While taxis may be more prevalent and common in Europe than in most US cities, you can use Uber in many parts of Europe if you’re looking for the same type of convenience you enjoy in the US. There are many different Uber variations depending on location.

Base fare for an Uberx in Vienna, Austria: ~1.11 USD