The Do’s and Don’ts of Chiang Mai


Located in the northern territory of Thailand, Chiang Mai is considered the cultural center of the country. With tons of temples and amazing food, it is the place to soak in the rich history of this amazing country. Here are a few tips to make the best of your stay in Chiang Mai.


DO: look both ways when crossing the street.

DON’T: assume that drivers will stop, because they will not.


DON’T: drink the water, you will regret it.

DO: stay in/near the old city.

The old city is filled with amazing temples, restaurants, and trendy coffee shops. It will probably be where you will want to spend most of your time.


DO: ride an elephant bareback. But, make sure to sign up for a park that treats their elephants humanely. Ran Tong Save and Rescue Elephant Park is an option.

DON’T: ride an elephant in a chair on their back. These chairs are extremely painful and harmful to the elephants. Places that do this usually do not treat their elephants nicely.


DO: go to the night market. This is the place to get the famous elephant pants and all the other souvenirs that you will need to bring home to friends. Make sure to bargain to get a good deal.

DO: visit Art in Paradise, Thailand’s creative 3-D museum. All of the art is interactive and they encourage pictures, so this is the place to get the perfect Instagram.

DON’T: wear sneakers, you will be taking your shoes off more than you would like.


DO: eat at the Ploen Ruedee Night Market (international food park). This food park features live music, cheap drinks and plenty of international food stands to pick from.



DO: Go out dancing to Zoe’s in Yellow. It is a really fun bar with great music and a great crowd. It is also close to a couple other bars to hit up after.


DO: Get a Thai massage. It will probably be the cheapest and best massage you will ever have in your life.