The Restaurants You Must Visit While In Tel Aviv

A city famous for its delicious food, beautiful beaches, perfect weather and popping nightlife, Tel Aviv has become an extremely popular travel and study abroad destination.

Tel Aviv is known for its delicious, healthy and flavorful cuisine, which is advantageous as food is an essential part of any travel experience. Israeli salad, shawarma, hummus and shakshuka are just a few favorite Israeli dishes. These local delicacies are found in hole-in-the wall restaurants, sit-down restaurants and cute outdoor cafes all over the city. While the service may be slow (sorry people, this isn't New York City), these Israel eats are worth the wait. 


1. Lala Land

You can get almost anything you're craving at this Gordon Beach restaurant. With large portions and average prices, you will likely find yourself coming back here multiple times throughout your trip. 

Zoodles; Tel Aviv, Israel; Healthy food; Popina

2. Popina

This is one of the pricier Tel Aviv restaurants (around 200 shekels a person), but the food is absolutely amazing, as is the service! Make sure to snag an outdoor seat!

3. Xoho café

This American-style restaurant has a great location (near the beach) and is a perfect spot for brunching. 

4. Benedicts

This popular brunch spot is open 24/7. While you will have to wait a bit for a table, the free mimosas that come with almost every dish make up for the wait. 

5. Old Man and The Sea

Located in Jaffa, this restaurant serves twenty-five different plates of Israeli/ Mediterranean food. This is a great place to venture to with friends, but beware, you will leave feeling extremely full. 

Old man and the sea; Tel Aviv, Israel; Med food; Healthy; Israeli food

6. Benny Hadayag

This restaurant is located on the TLV port. Get ready for a long wait and a delicious meal.

Tamara Yogurt; Tel Aviv, Israel

7. Tamara yogurt

The best frozen yogurt in TLV (if not in the whole world). There, they offer a variety of flavors (some vegan) and unlimited toppings ranging from fruit to chocolate to nuts. 

8. Mex & Co

This spot, located on Ben Yehuda Street, will remind you of Chipotle. There, you can create your own Mexican dish.

9. North Abraxas

This might just be the best restaurant in TLV. Every single dish on the menu is to die for. Be sure to make a reservation before you go!

10. Mantaray

This beach-side location is great for seafood and offers wonderful ambiance. 

11. Moon

Moon is home to the best sushi in TLV. They offer both a menu and a conveyer belt style sushi bar.

12. La Shuk

This restaurant on Dizengoff Street offers healthy, fresh food and a pretty laid-back environment. 

Abu Hassan; Tel Aviv, Israel; Hummus

13. Abu Hassan

This spot is home to the best hummus in the world. It’s a small place in Jaffa that serves nothing but hummus and pita. It opens at 8 am and closes when they run out of hummus, so be sure to arrive before 3 pm. 

14. Kitchen Market

Located on the TLV port, this innovative restaurant is worth the wait.