Top 5 Breakfasts in Prague


1. Globe

This beloved spot was opened by 3 NYU alumni who were missing American breakfasts. The front of this spot is an English bookstore, and the café is in the back. You can enjoy soy milk and egg whites here (which are hard to find anywhere else in the city). 

2. Bohemia Bagel

A two minute walk from the Charles Bridge and Lennon Wall is Bohemia Bagel. This is the home of the closest thing to a NY bagel that you will find in Prague. The spot is really small, but offers a variety of bagels and spreads (including lox). The omlettes at Bohemia are also really good and come with a mini-bagel. 

3. Café Savoy

This fancy French restaurant becomes an amazing brunch place on weekend mornings. The French toast here is to die for and the bread is amazing as well. This place has omlettes, an endless coffee menu, and great pastries.

4. Radost

Interestingly enough, Radost is both a club and a restaurant. This vegetarian restaurant has everything from omelettes and eggs to waffles and pastries. They also have a vegan menu, which is pretty rare in Prague.

5. Bakeshop

This bakery has a few locations in Prague. They specialize in their sourdough bread but also have pastries, muffins, bagels and croissants. They also deliver all over Prague!