Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad in London

1) No Language Barrier

If you don’t consider yourself a master of the Romance languages, no problem! In London, you won't face the language barrier you may encounter in places around the world, and will be easily able to jump into city life the minute you arrive. You can ask for directions, order your dinner, and strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you in class without worrying about translation mix-ups or inconsistencies. The lack of a language barrier allows you to connect to people right off the bat. Also, who doesn’t love a great British accent or some cheeky British phrases? It’s a win-win if you ask us.

London phonebooth

2) Great mix of modernity and history

London is a city full of incredible history dating back to the Roman period with some of the largest events of world history taking place on its soil. The city’s architecture reflects both the significant history and the thriving, innovative energy it is known for today. New areas like Queen’s Way—where the Mayor of London’s office is located—showcase the contemporary spirit of the city, whereas the historic landmarks stand as tall and proud as ever. The mix of old and new is breathtaking and unique to London.

Queen's Way Area/Tower Bridge

3) International People and Cuisine

With a population of more than eight million, London is made up of people from all around the world, who bring their traditions, culture, and food to the city. Not only does London literally have a pub on every corner where you can get authentic fish and chips, or a lovely Sunday roast, but also more alternative dining options than you can imagine. Southeast Asian, Italian, and French cuisines are all great options; many Londoners will tell you the city’s most popular dish is chicken curry! Additionally, check out any of the city’s local food markets for a taste of London’s most delicious meals and deals. Some of our favorite spots include Franco Manca for amazing sourdough pizza starting at £5 and Dishoom for delicious Indian food.

Delicious Thai food from SUDA Thai Cafe/Restaurant.  St. Martin's Courtyard, 23 Slingsby Pl,   London WC2E 9AB, United Kingdom

Delicious Thai food from SUDA Thai Cafe/Restaurant. St. Martin's Courtyard, 23 Slingsby Pl, London WC2E 9AB, United Kingdom


4) Free Museums/Attractions

In a city with so much to do and see, it can be difficult to choose which attractions you should visit, especially if you’re tight on time or money. Studying in London will remedy this problem because a majority of the city’s museums are free—so you can visit without feeling pressured to make the most of your dollar. It is also incentive to get out and get some “culture”! London’s myriad of museums range in topic, size, and popularity, which makes finding your favorites fun and easy. For a historical understanding of the city, visit The National Gallery and its neighbor, the National Portrait Gallery, or The British Museum. For a modern perspective, the Tate Modern is the perfect spot. Beyond museums, many of London’s main attractions make up the cityscape: Big Ben, The London Bridge, The London Eye, etc. Not to mention, visiting any of London’s boroughs for a day trip is easy and free—visit Shoreditch to get in touch with your “hipster” side or take a trip to Mayfair to soak in some luxury.

The British Museum

5) Public Transportation

With such a large population, the efficiency of public transportation is of the utmost importance. Between the Tube, the twenty-four hour bus, and various walking bridges, transportation is (usually) a breeze. The underground is clean and quiet and even offers a discount for student commuters. With heavy traffic seemingly unavoidable, utilizing London’s multiple modes of public transportation will make your study abroad experience that much better.

London bus