Top 5 Reasons to Visit Bergen

If you love nature and doing things a little bit off the beaten path, then Bergen, Norway is the perfect weekend destination for you. It would not be shocking if you know nothing about the city, so below is a list of the top five reasons to visit Bergen.  

1.  See the fjords. Pictures do not do the fjords justice. In order to really capitalize on the natural beauty of the fjords, you must see them in person. The Norway in a Nutshell tour is an unbelievable way to see Norway’s breathtaking views. Through a series of scenic bus, train, and boat rides through five Norwegian cities, you will be able to see Norway’s fjords and its surrounding villages. The Heritage Fjord Safari is a great additional activity to break up the day and see the fjords up close. It is freezing on the water, so plan your dates and outfits accordingly. 

2.   Hike the mountains. Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains, so the hiking options are endless. Hiking to the top of Mount Ulriken takes 1.5-2 hours depending on your pace, and you could always buy a ticket for the cable car which can take you up or down the mountain. There are numerous hiking options that range in difficulty and view, so Google different options and see what appeals most to you.

3.   Take a break from typical European sightseeing. Traveling around Europe can often get repetitive because in most cities, you are bound to visit museums, churches, and palaces. In a few months, you will probably have to look at pictures to jog your memory about the specifics of each place that you visited. Bergen’s natural beauty is truly unforgettable and offers a truly remarkable and different experience.

4.   Eat seafood. Bergen is located on the water, so it comes as no surprise that the seafood is out of this world. Be sure to check out the Fish Market for the freshest options, but be mindful that Bergen is an expensive city.

5.   Experience the charm. The city is so cute and quaint with a homey atmosphere. It is so easy to live like a local in Bergen simply by wandering the city streets and sitting in a local coffee shop.