What to do in Xi'an, China

Once your flight lands in China and you turn your phone on, you will quickly realize that social media sites like Facebook and Instagram cannot be reached through the Wifi. Even though you and your followers may be bummed by this news, this is actually a great opportunity to put your phone down and live in the moment. Even though Xi’an is not China’s biggest city, it’s still very busy and offers visitors much to see. For the traveler who wants to do it all, here's what not to miss when it comes to sites, shopping and night-life in Xi'an:



The Terracotta Soldiers exhibit is about an hour and half drive from Xi’an and is worth the trip if you are interested in world history. It is an incredible experience to see the soldiers that have been preserved for hundreds of years and an army of clay sculptures.

The Wild Goose Pagoda is older than any site you will find in the USA. You will likely be intrigued by the story of its construction and will be in awe of the breathtaking art and religion that surround it. 


Head over to any of Xi’an's many malls. The malls in this city are filled with stores that you can only find in China, so it is truly an awesome cultural experience to partake in some shopping, or at the very least, window shopping. 

The Muslim Market is a spot where you can find unique jewelry, art, antiques, and fun gifts. The locals are always very friendly and welcoming. This is a fun place to walk through, even if you don’t want to shop. You can watch men twist dough, make bread, and press granola. There are beautiful breads, fried bananas, and fried crabs. This market is open during the day and at night. 


The drinking age in China is 18 years old, and you can expect to find a lot of bars in Xi'an. Be sure to make your way over to the Dragon Temple. This spot looks like a temple on the outside, but on the inside is a disco club that features live singers and DJs every night.