How to spend a day Sightseeing in Belfast

As the capital of Northern Ireland and the second largest city in Ireland, Belfast provides lots of amazing attractions. If spending time in Ireland, you definitely want to go to Belfast in order to experience three amazing attractions:

1)   The Botanical Gardens: These beautiful gardens line the grounds of Queens University. The plants are gorgeous as is the Victorian Style Conservatory’s architecture. Make sure to visit the free Ulster Museum to learn about the arts, zoology, and other fascinating topics. Stop in the Armada room to see retrieved artifacts from a 1588 shipwreck and a 2500 year old Egyptian Mummy.


2)   Black Taxi Tour: Anyone vaguely interested in Irish History should enjoy a Black Taxi tour to see a window into “the troubles” of Belfast.  In recent history, religious tensions between Catholics and Protestants divided Belfast, and black taxi drivers provide insight into the city’s past. The tour showcases the famous “Peace Line,” a four-mile long barrier that divides Belfast’s Catholic and the Protestant neighborhoods to date. This wall of ever-changing murals that begin in 1969 and are constantly updated to represent peace struggles of our time. Visitors are encouraged to leave their own marks on the wall.

Peace Line-Belfast

3)   Titanic Belfast: The Titanic was built in Belfast and as a memorial to Belfast’s industrial history, there is a huge monument where city’s former shipyard stood.  Inside the massive monument tells the infamous story of the Titanic. The galleries include a recreation of Belfast from the time of the Titanic, the story of the Titanic’s launch, and information about the voyage, the crash, and the aftermath. The monument is definitely worth visiting!

TItanic Belfast