What to do When Your Flight Gets Delayed (Yeah, it happens)

While sitting alone in the airport doesn’t ever sound like an appealing idea, when you do it right, it can become an added bonus to your trip. Here’s how you can make the best of your extra time in the airport during your next dreaded flight delay.

Option 1: Take advantage of the shopping opportunities and treat yourself to a last minute gift. Because airports, particularly the international ones you will encounter in Europe, now have endless options, you can get anything from a cheesy shot glass to a couture item at the Harrods airport shop. Also, take advantage of tax-free shopping! You can buy more and pay less!


Option 2: As we all know, calories don’t count when you travel, so live it up during this unplanned portion of your trip. Since you might be in the airport for quite a while, you can scope out all of your options and try the spots that you typically miss out on when you are up early or are running late to your flight.


Option 3: Take the opportunity to wander around and observe all that’s around you. Airports are ideal for people watching. So, sit back, relax and get ready to be entertained.