What to Expect When You Live On Campus at University of New South Wales

Sydney, Australia; University of New South Wales

While you may think that you should live in an apartment when studying abroad at the University of New South Wales, we're here to tell you not to. It is actually beneficial to live on campus as a study abroad student. Here's why:

By living in dorms you will get to know other exchange students and Australians. Each college in the Kensington Colleges is seen as a community rather than just a place to live. Each college will hold formal dinners, balls, and constant events each night for the first two weeks of Silly Week.

All new students participate in O-Weekend, which is an orientation program. There, you will bond with the other “fresh freshers” as you will be called. Here, awkward icebreakers are taken to another level, as the drinking age is 18, most of the events revolve around drinking. Well more specifically, drinking responsibly. One past event included a 17 stop pub crawl.  

As study abroad students living in the colleges, you are forced to pay for the meal plan, but this pays off in the long run as living and eating in Sydney is otherwise very expensive.