What you need to know to have a Successful St. Paddy's Weekend in Dublin

St. Patrick’s Day weekend offers one of the most fun times of spring semester for those traveling or studying abroad. Aside from the many reunions with friends from school, home and camp, here are some must dos for a successful St. Patrick’s weekend in Dublin:

1. Fitzsimons

This bar/club/rooftop is very popular among American students studying and traveling abroad. Here you can spend all morning, afternoon, and night dancing, drinking and bumping elbows with a young crowd and most likely with many familiar faces.


2. Temple Bar

This bar is extremely well known in Dublin. In fact, it’s so famous that an entire neighborhood is named after it. Remember to bring cash because this bar does not take credit cards. The crowd here is definitely older, which is a nice break from Fitzsimons (right across the street). Stop by Temple Bar to experience a new part of Dublin!


3. Zaytoon

Zaytoon is home to Dublin’s best Persian cuisine. We’re talking the whole nine yards… kabobs, rice and naan. It’s open late night and is perfect for post-bar munchies. Multiple students reported eating here over four times during the 2016 St. Paddy’s weekend. It is also conveniently located on the same street as Fitzsimons and Temple Bar so be sure to check it out!


4. Mexico to Rome

This is another amazing food option located in the temple bar district and down the street from Fitzsimons. Mexico to Rome satisfies your drunk craving to sit down, relax and enjoy a nice glass of Sangria. With a cuisine that spans from Mexico to Rome, there is definitely something here to satisfy whatever you may be in the mood for.


5. Dublin Castle

Once the hangover dries up, be sure to check out the world famous Dublin Castle. Walking up to this enormous structure, you will feel as if you have been transported back to medieval times. Make sure to get a group photo in front of the Castle; this way you can send it home to the ‘rents and prove that you enjoyed some of the culture and history that Dublin has to offer.