Where to drink (and party) when in Putney.

While Putney is not exactly the heart of bustling London, don't be put off by it. Whether you're looking for a classic English pub or a quirky cocktail bar, Putney has it. The Toy Shop is difficult to miss with its vibrant funky lights and decor. This bar has a magical and fun Charlie and the Chocolate Factory feel to it with its unique drink menu bursting with fruity flavors and funky creations. We recommend the "Big Bad Wolf," a deliciously fruity drink that is topped with a toasted Marshmallow. If you're a fan of ginger, give the "Gingerbread Man" a try to tantalize your taste buds. If it's a hot summer night, sit out on the intimate terrace surrounded by fairy lights and enjoy fun vibes and delicious drinks. They feature live music on Thursday nights and two for one cocktails. You can't go wrong with that!


Tequila mockingbird is a perfect destination for tequila lovers. With its dark and trendy interior and fabulous tequila based cocktails, it promises a good night. For a more low-key cocktail night, we recommend a visit during the weekdays. If you want a fun night out, be sure to visit on the weekend where there is a buzzing party scene and a live DJ.


For a more typical "English" night out, visit The Eight Bells. Known as the oldest pub in Fulham, The Eight Bells has charm, fun and some classic beers. You'll enjoy a welcoming atmosphere and drinks served with a smile. The pub fills up on the weekends and has reasonably priced drinks, so you definitely won't leave dry. If you happen to go for lunch, they serve some excellent pub grub (that's British for pub food)!