Where to Eat After a Night Out in London

If you’re tired of Big Macs and large fries at 3:00 am but can’t bear going to sleep on an empty stomach, you should try London's VQ, Maroush, or Balans. There are few places open past midnight or 1:00 am in London, so it’s worth knowing where to go!



Ending up at VQ will arguably be the highlight of your night. With 24 hour food and drinks, VQ is definitely the place to go if you can’t decide what you’re in the mood for. From full size English Breakfast, to milkshakes, to eggs, to pancakes, to burgers, you are guaranteed to leave satisfied! At 4:00 am, the crowd is expectedly mainly of composed of drunk or hungover clubbers, but the atmosphere is still fun and buzzing! It currently has two locations – Chelsea and Bloomsbury – so make sure to check them out.

Late night eats-VQ London


Indulging in some mouth-watering Lebanese food after a night out could be the cure of all cures! Maroush offers all the classics from shawarma, to hummus, to falafel. There are 16 locations in London, some open later than others so make sure to check the schedule online before going. If you’re feeling extra lazy, they also deliver and offer take away.


Balans Soho Society

On the more expensive end, Balans is also a great late night option. With the Soho location open 24 hours, it’s popular for all meals, or just drinks. The menu ranges from small bites such as ham hock croquettes, to much heartier meals including the ‘infamous Balans Burger’.