Where to Eat Dessert in Paris

It goes without saying that Paris is known for its haute couture, designer boutiques and world famous sites; however, also loved by tourists and locals alike are the city's incredible pastry shops. On every corner one will find a stunning pastry shop, filled with everything from macaroons, to delectable cakes and tarts. But with so many options, how does one know where to go to find the city's best pastries? You know, the ones that are actually worth the calories.  Here are the five best pastry shops in Paris.


1. Pierre Hermé

Known for his eye-catching desserts, Pierre Hermé has made quite a name for himself in the world of pastry chefs. From his innovative macaroon flavors, to classic French desserts, Hermé has transformed the world of pastries. A definite must for any visitor.

Pierre Herme; Paris, France; Macaroon

2. La Pâtisserie des Rêves

Known for their classic French desserts, as well as their salon de thé, this pastry shop, decorated almost like an art gallery, is perfect for those seeking classic sweets!

Laduree; Paris, France; Macaroon

3. Ladurée

While Ladurée has expanded to the states, and is well-known by Americans, the experience of eating at Ladurée in Paris from taste to overall experience is heightened. Ladurée is and should continue to be a first stop for visitors.


Dalloyau;Paris, France; Gateau Opera





4. Dalloyau

Best known for its Gateau Opera, Dalloyau is a longtime favorite of most Parisians. Great for an afternoon snack!



5. Pain De Sucre

Another innovative pastry shop, known for its colorful desserts, and marshmallows, Pain de Sucre is well known, and praised among Parisians. Another must for any visitor.

Pain De Sucre; Paris, France; Macaroons