Where to shop in Florence

Piazza della Repubblica

Also known as the city center, this plaza has all of the stores from home that you won’t have to miss while you’re away. H&M has comfy, cute, and inexpensive shoes that are great for traveling. They also have amazing booties for going out so you don’t fall every night on the cobblestone streets. Zara has great going out tops and amazing perfumes that are travel sized, which are awesome for traveling. Just in case your phone is stolen or your computer breaks, the Apple store is also located in this plaza.


       H & M: Via por Santa Maria

       Apple: Piazza della Republica 10R

       Zara: Piazza della Republica 1R



Massimo Leather

Located on Borgo la Noce (a 5 minute walk from the Duomo), you will find the best place for leather jackets and bags.

         Address: Borgo la Noce 13-15R


This Italian clothing store has it all. From crop tops and rompers to jeans and sweaters, you will find the perfect outfit for any occasion. It's both affordable and trendy, and they have great sales in between seasons.

           Address: Via de Benci 4R


Brandy Melville

American girls tend to love this 2-story Brandy Melville store. Not only does it have a bigger collection that most US stores, but it also has some items that aren’t made or sold in the US.

           Address: Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour 172