Where You Should Stay When You Visit Paris

Everyone has different requirements when it comes to their living arrangements when traveling. For some, price takes precedent, while for others location and quality are of utmost importance. Find out where you should stay on your next visit to the city of lights. 


If you have a tight budget:

A hostel might just be the best option for you. While finding a clean and comfortable hostel may force you to sacrifice a good location, a close proximity to the subway will alleviate all transportation issues. Try out The Loft Boutique Hostel & Hotel. Based on how much you would like to pay, you can stay in a dormitory for well under $30 per night, or you can have a 4 person private room, for under $180 a night (total for all 4 people). If you are traveling with one other friend, you can share a double bedroom for about $50 per person, per night. 

Paris, France; Le Grand Hotel; Hotel in Paris

If you are planning your trip last minute:

Make sure to check out your options on ratestogo.com and airbnb.com. Both sites will provide you with a variety of options that range in price. You will likely be able to find something that works for you for under $100 a night. While ratestogo.com will find you hotel accommodations, airbnb.com will offer you a plethora of living options that will let you live like a true Parisian. 

If you don't have a budget:

You can enjoy any one of Paris's stunning 5-star hotels. The historical Paris Le-Grand is a wonderful option as is the Hotel Scribe Paris. If you aren't visiting until next year, be sure to check out what is available at The Ritz, which will be reopening at the end of 2015. 

Paris, France; Hotel

If you have a budget but hostels just aren't for you:

Make a reservation to stay at a bestwestern where depending on the location of the hotel, the rates vary. Also, be sure to check out kayak.com to find inexpensive hotel options in the area of your preference.