Why Singapore Is Unlike Any Other Country In the World

As Singapore is celebrating its 50th year as an independent country, the city-state has revolutionized itself into a modern, vibrant city with a vastly growing economy. While Singapore’s British history is apparent in the city, its diversity is what sets it apart from surrounding Asian nations. Upon visiting the city, you will not just find a Singaporean locale, but also individuals from the rest of Asia.

Singapore residents are comprised of inhabitants hailing from China, Korea, and Japan, as well as surrounding Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. As one walks down the streets of Singapore, he or she will immediately notice the diversity of the region and its people. Whether exploring Little India, Arab Street, or Chinatown, one will notice that each district of the city has its own feel to it. Furthermore, Singapore doesn’t just embody diversity in ethnicities, but also welcomes religions alike. Walk downtown and one will find Christian churches, Buddhist and Hindu temples, Muslims mosques, and even a Jewish synagogue or two.

While Singapore exhibits a fusion of cultures, ethnicities and languages, the assortment of its people is reflected into what Singapore might most be known for: its food. Singaporean street food, often found at nearby “hawker centers,” blends spices and flavors from all over the world. Often, spicy native dishes are unique to those found anywhere else in the world. Whether it's the classic chicken and rice plates, or something a little more foreign such as laksa and chili crab, homegrown chefs blend recipes from all over the world into flavorful, often exquisite courses.


So, whether you are planning to travel to Singapore for just a short period of time, or for a few months, the city-state’s diversification will provide one with an exposure to different cultures not to be found anywhere else. Singapore’s blend of customs and traditions encompasses its categorization as an international country, making it a destination that can't be missed.