Why Soul Cycle Needs to Open in London

If you're from cosmopolitan America, then you've likely heard of Soul Cycle. If you haven't tried a class there, then you are likely familiar with the name as it is on the apparel of the studio's cult-like following. From LA to New York, Americans have fallen in love with this fitness method. So, is it true? Is SoulCycle expanding outside of the United States and coming to London? We hope so! Here are a few reasons why the wait for Soul Cycle London needs to be over:

Soulcycle; London, England; Spin; Soul

1. Even a 7:30 am rooster class will make you think you are clubbing. 

2. The amazing music playlists are really fun and motivating. 

3. You will feel like you’re getting a personal training session, as the instructors go above and beyond to cater the class to each participant's needs. 

4. The 45 minute class flies by.

5. The instructors will become your best friends and you’ll soon start to follow them on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

6. It’s the poshest workout and if you’re lucky, you may spin next to a celebrity. 

7. The studios are clean and offer amenities such as showers, bathrooms and fitness lockers. 

Soulcycle; London, England; Spin; Soul


8. The SoulCycle clothing will be the only thing you need to wear during the day since the apparel is stylish and is constantly changing. 

9. The staff is super friendly. 

10. If you want to show off your moves, you can sit front and center. Or, you can take the back seats and go at your own pace.

11. The room is branded with motivational slogans and quotes that encourage you to keep pushing yourself.

12. It’s actually a fun workout.