Why You Should Take A Segway Tour

One of the latest transportation trends is the Segway. This electronic, two-wheeled vehicle was first introduced to the market several years ago, and was typically seen in American malls. Now, due to an increase in popularity, segways can now be found on the streets of every touristy city world-wide. So, the next time you find yourself too tired to complete a walking tour, or in the mood to try something new, be sure to take a segway tour. 

Segway tours can range from 30 minutes to several hours and offer a relaxing way to see any city. In most cities, there are multiple tour companies that will help you to arrange a ride geared to your group's needs. In Prague alone, there are six or seven different tour companies. Another perk is that given the nature of many city-centers, which are often crowded with tourists and have narrow streets, tour groups must remain small.

What to Expect:

The tour will begin with a quick lesson on how to ride on a segway. Once you and the rest of your group feel comfortable, the tour will begin. Many tours will stop at the city’s major tourist attractions and your guide will tell you a bit about each destination. This is a great way to get acclimated with the layout of the city and get a brief overview of the city’s history and major landmarks. A segway tour can show you a little bit of everything, so if you only have a short time in a city, or are hoping to get a lay of the land quickly, it will probably benefit you.