Your Dessert Guide to Florence

A trip to Florence means three things: delicious pasta, incredible gelato and must-buy leather goods. Here are three delicious dessert spots for you to visit between pasta lunches and shopping trips. 

Magnum: Ice Cream

For the ice cream lover, Magnum is a must. Perfectly located a few steps from the Duomo, at Magnum you can customize your own ice cream bar. Simply pick toppings and flavors, and watch your delicious ice cream bar be prepared right in front of your eyes!

Magnum Ice Cream: Florence

Gelateria de Neri: Gelato

By far, the best gelato in Florence (maybe even in Italy) is at this gelateria! This spot is located right by the Arno River. The flavors are endless and you will definitely not regret indulging yourself in a treat.

Gelato: Florence

La Milkeria: Crepes

Looking for a sweet treat that’s not the common gelato? Stop by La Milkeria to customize your own crepe. You can choose just about any filling, from gelato to fruit to jam, and your crepe comes with a side of fresh fruit.

Crepe, Florence