Your Food Guide: Amsterdam Edition

Bakers and Roasters:

From eggs and French toast to fruit bowls and salads, this charming breakfast spot has just about every breakfast item. For those craving a healthy breakfast, the granola bowl is to die for. If you're looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, then the pancakes are a must.


Omelegg is Amsterdam's first omelettery. The menu consists of eggs and omelettes in all different forms. They offer savory, sweet and healthy options, and you are welcome to customize a dish of your own.  

Chipsy King: 

Ever heard of the famous “fries in a cone” from Amsterdam? This is the place to try this well-known dish! Served in a cone, the fries are perfectly crispy. You can add condiments to the top and take them on the go.

Hummus D&A Bistro: 

This restaurant may be hidden from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam’s center, but it is a must-visit. This bistro has a quiet and charming atmosphere, which is perfect for a quiet dinner after a long day of sight seeing. Its unique menu of Israeli-style dishes is to die for. The hummus and pita chips are a must.

Hummus D&A Bistro-Amsterdam, Holland