Your guide to eating in Xi’an, China

One of the joys of traveling is having the opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture. Food is undoubtedly a major part of any culture. While you may not be up for the challenge of trying chicken heads or bugs, you might be spontaneous enough to try these Chinese treats. 

In the United States, you would likely be shocked if a friend suddenly picked food off of your plate. In China, this type of social eating is encouraged. Many restaurants have a turntable in the middle of the table which holds an array of dishes. You are welcome to dig into these plates along with your friends. 

Chinese street dessert

When you're visiting a local market, be sure to try these beloved favorites:

Grab a fried banana on a stick. While this take on a banana differs from your typical healthy fruit choice, you’ll cherish every last bite.

Try a fried crab, which will be a more delicious version of the crab you are used to eating on your beach vacations. 

Fried Crab, China

Tea, tea, and more tea! It will be impossible to get away without trying tea. Try the different flavors including Bubble Tea, which is a super sweet dessert tea with concentrated cream and tapioca bubbles.

Tea, China

Dimsum Characters: not every restaurant will offer this specialty, but nothing is more fun than eating these for dinner. But don’t forget, you’ll want to take lots of pictures before scarfing them down.