Your Guide to Going Out in Sydney

So you finally made it to the other side of the world and you’re excited for the journey that awaits you. While you can't wait to explore Sydney's sites and familiarize yourself with the city's culture, you're probably wondering where to party. This is where we come in. Here's a guide to where and when you should party in Sydney. 



You’ll most likely feel most at home at Scubar. Not only is this spot pretty much taken over by study abroad students, but your favorite jams will likely be playing all night. Don't be surprised if you feel as though you are in a frat house. Make sure to get here before 10 to avoid a ridiculously long line. Pro-tip: one of the bouncer’s name is Josh. Befriend him and he might let you skip the line.


If good ol’ Josh is in a bad mood, and you don’t feel like waiting in line, don’t you worry, Sidebar is just around the corner to welcome Scubar rejects. Although the music here is a little off, the vibe is pretty similar to Scubar and you’ll probably end up having a great time. 



Scruffy Murphys

Sydney, Australia; Scruffy Murphys

Tuesday is not that big of a going out night, but if you are in the mood to party, then Scruffy Murphy’s is where it’s at. Although it may not be packed, Scruffy Murphys guarantees cheap drinks.



Scary Canary

This spot offers a perfect combination of bar and club, and to top it all off, Wednesday is wet t-shirt dance-off night. So ladies, if you’re feeling scandalous, you might just win $100.

El Topo

A little farther from Newtown than the rest, El Topo is a good place to go if you find yourself near Bondi Beach. Good vibe, great people, and with cool signs and lights, this is a great place to get that perfect photo for Instagram.




Ivy, Ivy, Ivy. That’s pretty much the only thing you will hear about on a Thursday night. You will be impressed; Ivy pretty much takes over two buildings and consists of 5 different floors, one of them with a pool. This is the perfect place to find yourself some classy Australian men and/or women. Pro tip: don't look too drunk because they won’t let you in!



Soda Factory

Can you say throwback jams? Soda Factory is the place to get down. This high-energy bar will make you want to get up onto the nearest elevated surface and dance. 



World Bar 

World bar is a fun spot most days of the week, but you can’t go wrong with hitting it up on a Saturday. When you walk in, you get a college bar vibe. But, when you go to the back, it’s more like a rave. WB has about 5 rooms and each room has a different music vibe ranging from techno to rap. So pick a room and dance because you’re guaranteed to have a great time and meet a lot of Australians.