PRAGUE: Bars and Clubs



Bombay Bar- chill, tons of different cocktails, really fun!

Bugsby- cool cocktails/fun drinks, “expensive” for Prague

Chapeau Rouge- top floor is a typical bar

Drunken Monkey- American bar with all different kids of drinks/shots; Has pool tables/couches; Amazing bar crawls

Hangar Bar- you sit at a table with a group of friends and get a huge drink with a lot of colorful straws, also has a ton of great cocktails (theme is supposed to be an airplane)

Hemingway- casual lounge/bar good cocktails, again good for pregame

M1- lounge/bar; has seating and tables, also a same dance area with a DJ, good for pregame or even to postgame

Nebe- big huge fishbowl drinks like at Hangar bar; fun lounge, dance floor/club

U Sudu- really smoky




Chapeau Rouge- top floor is a typical bar with tables gets crowded; floors 2 &3 are smoky club music/dance floor; Tuesdays

Duplex- not on a specific day, but very popular and really fun club, expensive drinks but worth it

Karlovy Lazne- 5 story club; every floor is a different theme; hip hop/oldies etc.

Lucerna- all classic 80’s and 90’s music (Brittany Spears, Barbie Girl, etc.); great on Friday

Radost- gets really crowded; drinks are super cheap; Rihanna filmed “Don’t Stop the Music”, Thursdays; smoky lounge; dance floor

Retro- EDM club, tons of rave lights; Wednesdays

Roxy- club; EDM, fun on Mondays, which is a big going out night