ROME: Bars and Clubs


Art Café- Saturday nights, very exclusive, must know a promoter and it’s still 10 euro cover (includes a free drink inside), must dress up, expensive, pasta bar buffet at 5am. Viale Galoppatoio, 33, 00197 Roma

Gilda- Fun on Friday and Saturday. Via Mario de' Fiori, 97, 00187 Roma

Goa-  Vibrant nightclub, house and techno music. Via Giuseppe Libetta, 13, 00154 Roma

La Cabala Saturday, all Italian locals, but very fun, lounge/club scene, VIP tables in every corner. Via dei Soldati, 25, 00186 Roma

Shari Vari Wednesday nights, great location (walking distance to the center Campo de Fiori where Drunken Ship is). Via di Torre Argentina, 78, 00186 Roma

Testaccio clubs- a bunch of clubs in the Testaccio area...One of which is called Akab (Via di Monte Testaccio, 69)







Almalu- right next door to G-Bar, 1 euro shots, abroad scene, famous for Harry Potter shot that is lit on fire, same deal as G-Bar. Via Della Scala, 77, 00100 Roma

Cioccolata e Vino- Any day and any time, bar/chocolate shop with 3 euro chocolate shots; more for the experience; all have sexual names (69, quickie, maxi orgasm). 00153, Vicolo de' Cinque, 11A, 00153 Roma

Freni e Frezioni MUST go from 7-10 for aperitif (buy one drink for 10 euro and have the Italian “aperitif” all you can eat buffet until 10pm), always packed with locals; not a “pre-game” bar, but pre the pre-game here. Via del Politeama, 4/6, 00153 Roma

G-Bar Tuesday through Saturday, pregame bar, huge abroad scene, very small bar—can barely move inside, 1 euro shots, 5 euro cocktails (really good, too!). Vicolo Dei Cinque, 60, 00153 Roma

Ice Club-  Ice bar, 15 euros to get in (includes free drink and coat to wear), go for the Instagram. Via della Madonna dei Monti, 00184 Roma

The Drunken Ship-  Weekend bar, very American, DJ, beer pong tables, larger space, 15-20 euro beer and cocktail pitchers, 5 euro drinks. Piazza Campo de' Fiori, 20/21, 00186 Roma